How much could you really be making?

In today's digital world, it is becoming harder and harder to get your brand out there into the ever growingonline space. But with the right knowledge and support you can quickly learn to dominate your local online market. We've put together a handy tool to help demonstrate just how profitable online marketing can be. Using industry average figures taken from over25,000 online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords, we cancalculate what you should be earning from your marketing spend.

Average Sale Value

This is the average net value of each sale that you make from your customers. For example, this could be the profit you make from each new kitchen fitted, or the average spend for each customer on your books.


Enquiry Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of new enquiries that you tend to convert into sales. For example, out of 100 enquiries, how many would you expect to buy?


Marketing Budget

How much are you prepared to invest into your online marketing strategy. It may come as no surprise that a genreal rule of thumb is the more you invest the more you get in return, although the reality is far more complex.


Potential Profit (ROI): £- per month

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If you are interested in discussing these returns in more detail, then why not take advantage of a free consultation. We will happily go through the various options we have available to start growing your business.

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